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It’s Morning!!!

*Insert Kelly Price belting out “Its Morning!!!” Like she did in As We Lay* now go back in read the title in your singing voice.

I sat down this morning and I’m a little faded since I had my morning session outside on the front porch. My mornings with Mary Juanita as I like to call them, Its how I ease into my day. My first few hours of my day are dedicated to me, to God, to growth and healing and joy. After my session, I decided I would take this time to read since I didn’t read yesterday. Not even two pages into it and I get a manifestation or a vision idk wtf its called but I get them a lot. Because its morning, I allow myself to get distracted, I put the book down and I write down what i see. A home with bright walls mostly dark tones but with flecks of color throughout the house. Pieces that have meaning. Art and pictures that have meaning. I’m super sentimental, I would be a hoader in another life but instead I give my home personality through items that mean things to me. I start imaging the house as something I need to achieve and I begin to imagine how i want that home to feel and represent for my family and close friends but mostly to myself. A home is a person’s sanctuary. And as I sat, this warmth fell over me because my house is like that now and I can continue to build upon this space and my life. I rent so of course there are things I would like in my forever dream home but I can pour into what I have while working towards what I want. The person I want to be isn’t dependent on where I am in this physical world but how I show up in it. it’s crazy that I coined the phrase (new definition; reinvented) Hustle & Manifest, 2-3 years ago I think and in this moment, is when I truly valued it’s meaning. It’s been my motto but today it has a deeper meaning. Pour into what you have, pour into your home, your loved ones, pour into your neighbors, pour into the life you have now. Appreciate and love and enjoy it all and abundance is a byproduct by default. Five years ago I dreamed of this moment and the peace I have now. Thinking five years ahead almost feels euphoric but its the Lord’s day so we wont talk about that 😜

I hope wearing the shirt now gives you more meaning.

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